4.4 Trio with Kim Alpert and Ben Hall: Comfort Station Logan Square, presented by Homeroom, Chicago

4.5 Duo with Macie Stewart: IARC Headquarters*, Chicago

4.6 Freedom From and Freedom To: Elastic Arts, Chicago

4.10 Solo, in response to: “The Colorful and Curious World of Chad Kouri” at EXPO Chicago, Park Hyatt, Chicago

4.14 Heavy Tiny (duo with Nick Meryhew): Hungry Brain, Chicago

4.17 Duo with Jeff Kolar: California Clipper, Chicago

4.25 Duo with Macie Stewart: The Trumpet Blossom (Feed Me Weird Things) Iowa City

4.26 + 4.27 Improvised sound for Michael Montenegro’s At ten I was an animal: Chicago International Puppet Festival’s Living Room Tour, Chicago



3.2 Solo: Sanctuary Showcase @ True/False Film Festival, Columbia, MO

3.7 Duo with Owen Gardner, Hungry Brain, Chicago

3.9 Duo with Whitney Johnson (opening for Alessandro Cortini), Epiphany Center, Chicago

3.13 Honestly Same (opening for Horse Lords), Empty Bottle, Chicago

3.19 Quartet with Spectralina + Amalea Tschilds, Elastic Arts, Chicago


2.13 Heavy Tiny (duo with Nick Meryhew); Color Club, Chicago

2.17 In These Times w/ Makaya McCraven, Saratoga Springs, NY

2.23 In These Times w/ Makaya McCraven, North Bethesda, MD

2.29-3.3 solo, True/False Film Fest; Columbia, MO


1.7 Quartet with Tyler Wagner, Lily Finnegan, James Wetzel; Empty Bottle, Chicago

1.8 Quartet with Dave Rempis, Bill Harris, Nick Dunston; Marmalade, Chicago

1.9 Honestly Same @ Drone Rodeo, Hideout, Chicago

1.10 Trio with Whitney Johnson + Macie Stewart; Sleeping Village, Chicago

1.11 Duo with Whitney Johnson; Hideout, Chicago

1.12 Duo with Nick Dunston; Hungry Brain, Chicago

1.25 Duo with Zander Raymond; Mediums of Sound @ the Red Room, Chicago

1.28 Duo with Sarah Clausen; Hungry Brain, Chicago


11.1- 12.14 Augmented Geology (exhibition) Design Museum Chicago

12.2 Variations on a Topography (solo) live broadcast on Wave Farm’s WGXC New York 4-6pm EST

12.10 duo with Katinka Kleijn, Augmented Geology performance: Design Museum Chicago, 3pm


11.5 El Infierno Musical at Porgy and Bess: Vienna AT

11.6 El Infierno Musical at Dialograum Kreuzung an St. Helena: Bonn, DE

11.8 El Infierno Musical at Kulturforum Villach: Villach AT

11.9 El Infierno Musical at JazzIt Salzburg, Salzburg AT

11.10 El Infierno Musical at Alternative Festival, Prague, CZ

11.12 El Infierno Musical at Music Unlimited Festival: Wels, AT

11.16 Blank Box: water%holding by Ro Lundberg, with Nina Vroemen, Jasmine Mendoza, Jeff Kimmel, Sam Scranton, Zachary Nicol and me: Constellation Chicago, 8pm

11.17 solo, Peace Has No Home: Posters for Ukraine closing reception: Public Works Gallery, Chicago, 8pm

11.29 duo with Whitney Johnson: Judson and Moore, Chicago 8pm


10.4 solo, opening for Rival Consoles: Sleeping Village, Chicago

10.8 duo with Hannes Lingens: Hungry Brain, Chicago

10.11 Makaya McCraven’s In These Times: Madison, WI

10.12 Makaya McCraven’s In These Times: Iowa City, IA

10.13 Makaya McCraven’s In These Times: Detroit, MI

10.18 duo with Spencer Tweedy: Rebuild Foundation

10.19 Matthias M/Matthias M/Irabagon/Kohl/Adasiewicz: Improvised Music Series, Elastic Arts, Chicago

10.20 Macie Stewart’s Mouthful of Glass Orchestra: Epiphany Hall, Chicago

10.21 Honestly Same record release, with Talullah Bankheist: bimbom.space, Chicago

10.25 solo: Le Botanique, Brussels

10.26 solo + duo with Audrey Lauro: De Studio, Antwerp

10.27 solo + duo with Audrey Lauro: Paviljoen Ongehoorde Muziek, Eindhoven

10.28 solo: Chair de Poule, Paris

10.29 duo with Gaspar Claus: La Pièce Blanche, Paris


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