sit on the floor and wait for storms

Sit on the floor and wait for storms is a project in conversation with a track of the same name on The Ceiling Reposes, out March 10th on American Dreams Records. The album is centered around samples of live radio – bits of ads, music, weather reports and news. This track contains fragments of a weather report which, transcribed, make the bones of a lovely and strange little poem:

Weather, as you know, is stormy right now
And it’s going to remain stormy
For the next

Wind advisory expires later this afternoon

Under more severe flood warning
Including parts of

Bear in mind that the scenarios
Are going to be rapidly developing
Over the next

All things, all things
All things.

Kohl asked a group of poets and lyricists to flesh out these bones, adding their own words in the spaces between the existing text. The project will be released as a zine in conjunction with the album.


☛ Kurt Chiang
 Lia Kohl
☛ Alyssa Martinez
☛ Elizabeth Metzger
☛ Corey Smith
☛ Macie Stewart
☛ Marvin Tate
☛ Andrew Tham
☛ Karima Walker