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Manual Cinema: The End of TV

Taking the performance world by storm, Manual Cinema is one of the hottest tickets in cities around the world. The company transforms the experience of attending the cinema, combining shadow puppetry, theatricality, cinematic techniques, and innovative sounds and live music to create immersive stories. Manual Cinema experienced a gigantic success with its European debut at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival including eight 5-star and eight 4-star reviews.

Now Arts & Ideas premieres an original, Festival-commissioned work by Manual Cinema right here in New Haven: A new work that is all about reality and its fickle limits, the razor-thin line that exists between this world and everything else.

“this Chicago troupe is conjuring phantasms to die for…” -The New York Times

The End of TV:
Told as a song cycle with live visuals, and set in the post-industrial Rust Belt, Manual Cinema’s The End of TV peers through the neon reflections of late 20th century advertising and television culture and into the American imagination as it existed at the onset of the internet age. The show takes as its subject and form the very first screen to dot the American landscape – where a troubled country first gazed through analog fuzz and into itself, or what it desperately wanted itself to be.

Made possible by the Fund for the Future.