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Karras Performance Festival: Shawn Lucas and Mocrep

Shawn Lucas & Mocrep: The teaming of Shawn Lucas and Mocrep is based their mutual ideal of creating powerful and energetic concerts othat display musical and visually intriguing works. This concert attempts to find coherency among the various layers of performance, sound, and light. Specifically "Rot Blau" and the new collaborative theater piece "The Cir and The Mear" both focus on performers using small lights as a primary visual motive while also working with motion, music, and sound. The program also inherently deals with the opposition of performers or, in some cases, opposition indulged by oneself. In my own work the theme of opposition is prevalent. I believe that conflicting forces that are constantly out of balance creates an energetic framework where the performance is perpetually pushed in new and unpredictable ways. The concert will feature two musical and theatrical works programmed by Mocrep by Jessie Marino and Hannes Seidl. Also original works by Erica Gressman, and Shawn Lucas.


"Rot Blau" by Jessie Marino
Performed by Lia Kohl and Nick Meryhew

"The Cir and The Mear" part I, by Shawn Lucas and collaborators
Performed by Harrah Friedlander, Jenna Lyle, Nick Meryhew, and Isaac Stevenson

"Lions" by Shawn Lucas
Composition for solo cellist with vocalizations, and tape. 
Performed by Lia Kohl

"The Cir and The Mear" part II

Erica Gressman - solo performance work


"Box" by Hannes Seidl
Performed by Joshua Scheid, Davis King, and Zach Good

"The Cir and Mear" part III

ABOUT KARRAS: Karras engages performance as a compound vision of multiple artists with the objective of understanding the core perspectives of others and how this translates creatively into a unified work. Developed from Shawn's concert series "Flak", the Co-op is dedicated to the creation of new performance works through highly synthesized and reciprocal cross-disciplinary collaborations. 

We're teaming up with the ARC Gallery which will be blank during the two weeks of the festival.  

Purchase tickets using the following link:

$10 - general admission
$7 - student
$25 - festival pass (all four concerts)
$20 - early bird festival pass (available only through August 1st)