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no face that lets itself be looked at

Fall 2015 High Concept Labs Sponsored Artists Significant/Other

Thursday, December 10
7pm / $10
Intuit: the Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art
756 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago


Think about how your perspective changes from another vantage point.
Is it possible to simultaneously observe, express and experience?
What is the power relation between inactive and active people in a room?
What part of a performance are you making if you listen? If you participate?
What are you giving up if you agree to participate without knowing the outcome?
What are you gaining?
What is your relationship to you own body in a group of strangers?
Does your feeling of autonomy change if your main role in a given situation is listening?
Is the experience involved in creating art of equal importance to the final result?
Do you believe the artistic structure is as important as the art itself?
Is predetermined performative art disappointing or less successful if left completely unrehearsed?
Are the artists always the most responsible for creating a successful performative experience?
How would you define the bourgeois artistic experience?