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Examining humor, feminine constraint, anachronism, beauty, public disruption, and spectacle, Ghost Skirts features live performances, video projection, and a cocktail mixer, all coordinated by collaborators Jessica Cornish, and Fall 2015 Sponsored Artists Victoria Bradford and Lia Kohl of Mudlark Performance Project. This new work incorporates performers dancing underneath hoop skirts in various public sites throughout Chicago, with live performance and video projection developed from public improvisations that occurred throughout the city in 2014. Ghost Skirts is an official selection of Chicago Artists Month 2015.

Ghost Skirts is part of the larger project Skirts, which utilizes Hoop (or ballroom) skirts, Work (or pencil) skirts, Sport (or tennis) skirts, and House (or apron) skirts. Working from devised scores developed by Bradford, Cornish took to the sites of Chicago with videographers Ania Bilinska, Robin Lee, acting on and improvising from each score. Kohl joined in the project in order to develop a sound score for the first work-in-progress held in Louisiana at the Free Swim PLACE gallery as well as the Central School Theatre. The work has also been supported by Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, High Concept Labs, and Chicago Artists Month.

* High Concept Labs Studio A is located on the 4th floor of Mana Contemporary Chicago. Enter the building through the glass doors on the east side of the building; ample and free parking is available. For wheelchair accessibility, please email or call (312) 850-0555 to make arrangements.

High Concept Laboratories: 2233 Throop St. Chicago