and mouth and (2017): LIA KOHL an OpenICE commission for KATINKA KLEIJN

And mouth is the front hole in the top part. There are a few of them but that’s the one that others see usually, the one that counts on TV. It’s wet and for eating and information and secret saying. If it wasn’t wet it would go clack clack clack when you open and close. If it wasn’t a mouth it would only be a hole. If something is just teeth and feet is it a mouth? Things depend on wetness things depend on teeth things depend on feet. If you think about them sometimes change one thing and it will stand on its head as the saying goes.

Sometimes there is sound that comes out when you mean it to and sometimes when you don’t mean it. Burps and bubbles. Sometimes kissing. And mouth is a secret and a mystery, when you talk it’s blinking, just like the eyeballs, also wet.

Talk to yourself and it will take on a mouth of its own.

When you want to say about the whole head sometimes you can sing it eyes and ears and mouth and mouth and mouth and mouth and mouth and mouth and mouth and