There is a sudden, vertiginous feeling that accompanies a true encounter with another human being, the discovery of an entire universe in another mind and heart. Everything that I do and make as an artist is in pursuit of this kind of encounter.

Virtuosity comes in many forms, but I believe its most essential quality is that of deep attention, and deep attention leads directly to authentic interaction and communication.

I am inspired by the long tradition of western art music, and its ability, through that tradition, to speak to both the individuality and the universality of human experience. Its exactness is freeing—focusing on minute details in sound and performance practice opens the door to attention on a new level.





Beauty is intrinsically connected to discovery, and the element of immediacy and surprise therein. Exploring the medium of improvisation, in sound, movement, and between disciplines, connects me to the sense of my own continual immediacy and that of those around me—listeners and collaborators alike.

I am fascinated by communication, translation and interpretation as art forms in themselves; communication as it arises in rehearsal and performance of concert music, in the wordless interaction of two improvisers, and in the narrative arc of performance. Translation as it occurs between two mediums—sound into movement into language—and between the pedestrian and the formal, the obvious and the absurd. I question the reality of shared experience on a day-to-day basis, and am captivated by the process of interpretation that goes into many of our human interactions; I seek to explore this process of interpretation to better understand the space between people, and how to make it smaller.